Delivering On Our Mission Statement

Time and time again we have delivered on our company’s mission statement by investing in individuals and their ideas. Below are just some of the comments from our clients. Please contact us for a list of referrals.

Jim I sold my web business to IBuySites in 2016 and I could not have been more pleased with the transaction. Working with Mark and his team was great because he delivered on everything he said he would. When he said he would send over the signed purchase agreement for me to review, he did it. When he said he would wire the deposit, I received the money in less than 24 hours. When he said he would wire the final payment he did so even before I was expecting it!

I know there are a lot of flaky and untrustworthy buyers in this industry. My online company was my baby, and I worked on it for more than 15 years. I built it from the ground up. It was time for me to move onto bigger and better things. I was concerned about Google, competition and just didn’t have the time, resources or expertise to keep up with all of the marketing. When I spoke with Mark the timing could not have been better and looking back there is nothing I would have changed. Selling to Mark was the absolute best decision I ever made for the business. Everything went very smoothly and I never had to worry about whether things were going to work out or if Mark was going to do what he said he would.

J. Huck, Cary, Illinois



When I initially spoke with Mark, my wife and I had never really considered the idea of selling our website. We assumed it would be a cumbersome, time consuming and expensive process with far too many pitfalls and stumbling blocks.

What we discovered with IBuySites was that it could be a very simple process and the price we were offered seemed quite fair to both my wife and I. We owned our business for more than 12 years and it was our primary livelihood, so we definitely wanted to see the business succeed. We felt that with the right new owner, one with experience in the industry, the business could experience some real growth.

We read the stories online of how so many buyers in this industry claim to be the real deal, then once you start the negotiations you get the run around. They will tell you one thing and do another.

NOT with IBuySites. From start to finish, they were up front with us, told us what was going to happen next and did exactly what they said they would. We were even paid sooner than we were expecting.

Overall, it was a great experience for us and thanks to Mark and IBuySites, we are planning a long awaited trip to Hawaii for some R&R!

D. & J. Engelbrecht, Bradenton, FL

Tom I recently sold my business to Mark at IBuySites and I found the experience to be smooth and seamless. Mark told me what was going to happen next throughout the entire process. He delivered on what he said was going to happen and he delivered on time. Working with him was a pleasure and I recommend him and his company to anyone considering them.

– Tom J, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

ValeryWorking with Mark and his team at IBuySites was exceptional. He treated us with professionalism and care. My online business had been in my family for nearly 20 years and it was my baby. Selling to Mark and his team I knew they would carry on the same level of service and care, or more, that I did while owning the business. More importantly I know that I don’t have to worry about another buyer coming back to me and hassling me with unnecessary questions and demands. IBuySites is a professional organization and were honest and transparent with me throughout the entire transaction. They even closed before they said they would and I got my money fast!

– Valery L, Pleasanton, CA

I owned my website for 9 years and I just couldn’t keep up with the marketing and competition anymore. The site was still growing but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it. Mark and I talked about my options for the website and he ended up making me a great offer. They handled the sale of my business with professionalism and I got my money fast! It was a great experience!”
–  Jason M, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Selling to Mark and his team was one of the best decisions I made. I had been thinking about selling for sometime but did not want to pay the expenses of a broker. I found Mark’s business online, contacted them and within a very short period of time I was able to transfer ownership of my online business to them at a valuation I was very happy with! They even let me run the company for a period of time and keep the profits! Highly recommend.
–  Gavin R, Los Angeles, CA

I owned many websites at the time that I started talking with Mark about possibly selling a portion of my portfolio. I needed capital to fund a new project. I am extremely busy and dealing with flaky buyers and brokers was not something I had time for. Speaking with Mark was a breath of fresh air, he was direct, transparent and came through on what he said he was going to do.
–   Dan U, Salt Lake City, UT

My family and I worked on my website together for nearly 10 years. It was our pride and joy and it had many moving parts. Mark and I organized all the aspects of the business and were able to make an easy transition. I had some new projects I was working on for the company and we were able to figure out a smooth transfer to some complex items. These guys know what they are doing and will make your life easy when the time comes to selling your company! Highly recommend!
 Craig N, Omaha, NE

Selling my website was a grind. Talking with buyers that said one thing and did another was not a process I had time for. I worked hard to build my business and there were so many window shoppers out there that never came through. Mark and his team were completely different. They gave me a very competitive price (above the competition in fact, but don’t tell him that) and delivered on what they said they would do. I really enjoyed working with them. Come out and visit sometime Mark!!”
–   Randy K, Oahu, HI